Pasta Poetry Products


Our pasta is made with REAL eggs, the highest grade semolina and 00 flour. All flavors are natural with no preservatives or additives. Pasta is air dried and hand packaged.

  • Capellini (Angel Hair) - Spinach Tomato & Golden Egg ( Tri-Color),  Golden Egg

photo-2            Golden Egg Cappelini

  • Fettuccine Tri-Colore,   Golden Egg,   Spinach,    Black Satin ( Squid Ink )

 photo 1     Spinach Fettucine    Golden Egg Fettucine    photo-2 copy

  • Pappardelle – Parsley,    Golden Egg,    Porcini (Laureate Line ) 

   Parsley Pappardelle          Golden Egg Pappardelle         porcini Pappardelle copy 2